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Motivational Speakers help you to motivate, Re-energise and Optimise your team's Performance

The challenges placed on all of us by the rapid pace we live at, causes people to become overwhelmed, de-energised and demotivated. Andrew is one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa. He will help both you and your team to re-ignite the fire of inspiration in your bellies and guide you to optimise your performance, with one of his motivational programs. He is available to offer you and your team, either a one hour motivational keynote address, half-day, full-day or two-day motivational workshop or a strategic intervention, to help you to motivate, re-energise and inspire them to greatness once again.

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Strategic Intervention

How our process works

Unlocking your Expectations

We first understand exactly what you want to achieve with the training.

Understanding what is causing your team to lack motivation?

We explore your team's current position and try to uncover why they are uninspired, de-energised and lack drive. We identify their specific needs pertaining to motivation and uncover the underlying reasons why they feel uninspired. This information is then utilised to tailor make a motivational and inspirational intervention, which will help both you and your team re-discover your drive and inspiration. We focus on discovering ways of turning overwhelm and dis-interest into something positive, developmental, energising and inspirational for every team member. This crucial shift helps every team member to discover their own internal flame of inspiration once again. By providing clarity and improved understanding, your team will be able to turn the things, which they find limiting, disheartening and demotivating, into the drive and inspiration, they need to feel re-energised and driven once again. This entire process is supported by our unique and very effective tools.

Agree on a measurable outcome

We decide on a measurable outcome, which we want to achieve after the motivational intervention. I want you to get a return on your investment and should your team apply all the tools and techniques, which I teach them during this motivational process, yet they remain uninspired and their results do not improve. I will refund my entire fee. I am in the business of delivering real and lasting results to my customers.

Build a practical motivational and inspirational process

By utilising the challenges facing your team and the reasons they are uninspired, demotivated and feeling overwhelmed, as the foundation for developing the motivational intervention, we will design a motivational process, which will guide your team to discover their own internal fire of inspiration, once again. This process works by guiding your team, through the use of our unique online training program, daily reminders and motivational CD recordings, to seamlessly introduce them to tools and processes which will help them feel more driven and inspired. All these tools help support your team to regain their internal motivation and guide to once again feel driven and re-energised. This helps them to perform at their best every day. By eliminating the causes of the lackluster performance and lack of motivation, we will see long term improvements in the level of motivation experienced by all your team members. We will guide them to make a few crucial, but necessary shifts to their daily behaviour and philosophy, thereby helping them to discover a new lease on life and drive to succeed.

Guide team to adopt new motivational process

The new motivational process is introduced to your team during our inspirational presentation or our one or two day motivational workshops. This process is enhanced and supported by our unique online training process, daily Inspirational message, Motivational training manuals, audio CDs, motivational programs, DVD Motivational videos and motivational affirmation CDs.

Achieve desired improvement in team motivation

As the leadership team, you will be supported with feedback from the online training program, which will help you to monitor the teams progress and to introduce measurement criterion to assess their on-going improvement. My experience has shown that the training will be effective and deliver the desired results, if your team uses all the unique and very effective tools provided. All these support mechanisms have been designed over the past five years, whilst I have been completing my PHD and will help your team learn the new motivational processes and to apply them consistently, in their lives.

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