Motivational Workshops


Our main objective when we facilitate this life changing Motivational workshop, is to help all attendees to discover the underlying reasons for their lack of motivation and then help them to re-ignite the fire of inspiration in their own bellies, by supporting them to make the crucial behavioural shift necessary to develop the success habits they need to succeed. Motivation is a symptom of some other underlying cause and is never the solution in itself. We will highlight a few simple, yet extremely effective ideas, which will help everyone, make the crucial shift from overwhelm to acceptance, towards understanding and finally manageability. This will help all team members to re-discover their passion and purpose once again. After attending these workshops presented by one of the top industry leading Motivational Speakers and trainers, you will discover and understand the reality and complexity of the new and constantly changing world we live in. Our life changing workshop, will leave everyone feeling inspired and they will once again discover their own individual flame of inspiration. It is time to fasten your mental seat belts and to accept that the way you have done things until now is no longer going to work the same in the future. If you want to reach the next level of accomplishment in your personal life or business, you will need to find innovative and effective ways to re-energise and motivate yourself and your team.


  • Half-Day Motivational Workshop 08H30 -13H00)
  • One-Day Motivational Workshop (08H30 – 16H00)
  • Two-Day Motivational Workshop (08H30 – 16H00 X 2 days)

Who Should Attend?

  • Teams, who are frustrated with the quality and quantity of work they manage to get done every day, because they feel demotivated and de-energised
  • Teams who are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by unexpected changes.
  • Teams that feel overwhelmed disinterested and lack real energy and drive.
  • Teams who want to learn how to embrace a common vision and utilise this to unify their efforts, thereby inspiring a unified team spirit.
  • Teams who want to discover the reason they feel de-motivated, so they can regain that feeling of inspiration and thereby maximise the quality and quantity of work they are able to get done each day.
  • Teams who want to learn how to embrace any challenges they may be facing and find ways to turn this into opportunity and inspiration.
  • Teams who want to learn how to unlock their hidden potential and become driven and inspired to achieve their best.

Course Outline

  • What is causing my team to feel de-motivated?
  • Does the team have clarity of purpose and a common vision for the future?
  • Has every team member understood the team or corporate vision and do they know their individual role necessary to help the team realise this vision?
  • How can we use this to our advantage and re-fire the teams flame of inspiration?
  • Individuals – Have I changed?
  • What do I need to change or improve about myself?
  • Has the team dynamic changed
  • How do we positively change the team dynamic?
  • Is the team or corporate culture affecting levels of motivation?
  • Activity Management – Are there any underlying challenges with the way we tackle our activities every day?
  • Energy Management – Do we need to explore ways of reducing stress, improving exercise commitments and how can planned rest help?
  • Self-Management – How can you better manage yourself and your commitments to contribute to the overall performance of the team?
  • How will this help to motivate, inspire and re-energise the team? Effective Planning – Is a general lack of planning, causing the lack of motivation?
  • Effective Planning – Is a general lack of planning, causing the lack of motivation?

This workshop is all about application and as such you will be guided to create an action list, which you can act on daily. This will help you to gain the maximum benefit from your answers above, so that you can begin to discover the reason for the lack of motivation within your team. Once the underlying causes are uncovered, becoming motivated, energised and driven once again will be really easy and sustainable.  You will leave with a comprehensive set of guidelines, which will help you and your team to regain your drive and to feel energised and eager to succeed. This Motivational Development workshop is designed to be learned during either:

Half Day Workshop

This is an introductory workshop, where participants are introduced to all the tools and concepts necessary to understand the reason for the lack of motivation and then how to develop a process to unlock their own internal fire of inspiration.

Full Day Workshop

Participants attend a full day workshop where they are taught how to use and apply all the tools and techniques necessary to understand the reasons for the lack of motivation within their team. They leave after the workshop with a new and energised, sustainable plan to unlock their own fire of inspiration. They are energised and driven to succeed. Their understanding of the reason for the lack of motivation and their commitment to the process and each other means that the motivation is sustainable long after the workshop is over. Two Day Motivational Workshop This two day practical hands on workshop is designed to teach all participants everything they would learn at the full day workshop, with the addition of a full day of practical application, which leaves everyone with a practical system to help them remain on track and inspired into the future What process will the workshop follow? This program is all about application and is designed to offer constant reminders to apply the various tools and techniques in your daily routine. This program is only of any value if you commit to make the techniques an integral part of your new success habit set.

Additional Resources

  • Our unique online training program will support your team to gradually apply all the tools they will learn during my Keynote address. This will allow you to get a great return on your investment as your team will actually get to enjoy the benefits of my talk long after the event is over.
  • A daily inspirational message is sent to each person that attends this intervention. This is an opt-in system that delivers an inspirational message right into the email of everyone that signs up on Andrew’s website. The inspiration or motivation may fade after attending my sales and relationship building workshop. This daily inspirational message is designed to help maintain the momentum created by the workshop.
  • A Positive Affirmation CD. This CD is an audio recording containing positive affirmations. This resource is used daily to create a positive start to every day and helps to remove those nagging negative thoughts that flow so freely through our minds every day. When used consistently this CD will give you a positive start to every day and set the tone for an amazing day.
  • An audio recording detailing the concepts that are highlighted during the Intervention. This CD serves as a reminder after the event, to help the sales professionals stay on track and serves as another source of positive information to keep people on track.
  • A CD recording, containing positive statements and affirmations. This resource is designed to serve as a reminder to stay on track. This CD is a powerful motivator and will empower you on those days when you feel uninspired or down.

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